One of the most important things we at PERIOD is serve our communities by providing products to those who are in immediate need of them.

Over the last two years of the Covid-19 health crisis, PERIOD. has worked hard to provide enough menstrual products to cover over 3 MILLION menstrual cycles to those most in need in communities around the nation!

You can also serve menstruators in need in your community by fundraising, hosting product drives, and establishing relationships with service partners, organizations, and shelters who distribute menstrual products. Read below for guidance on establishing a relationship with service partners, ordering products, hosting a service event and more!

Service 101

Product Order Form

If you would like to request products, make sure to fill this form out. We'll get the ball rolling from there. Please email if you have any questions!

If you’re currently unable to serve your community directly, you can purchase menstrual products through our RightGift wishlist page. These products will be sent directly to PERIODs fulfillment centers and shipped across the country to help support the most marginalized communities.


Have questions about how to receive menstrual products? We've got you covered!


It is important that before you host an event, hold a drive, order menstrual products, etc., that you find a service partner in your local area to distribute the products to. Take a look online or ask around about some local organizations that are in need of donated period products (such as homeless shelters, food pantries, LGBTQI+ resource centers, domestic violence support organizations, free clinics, etc). Some partners prefer products in their original packages and some prefer packs so it’s very important that before you do anything, that you check in with your service partner and find out what will serve their patrons best. Below we have included some basic email templates that should be helpful for various situations regarding communicating with service partners regarding donation coordination!

Service Events