PERIOD.'s service program distributes both reusable and disposable period products to a network of over 350 organizations who directly serve menstruators in need throughout the US and world. Additionally, PERIOD.'s 400+ chapters work to eradicate period poverty within their own communities through product drives and distribution events.


In 2022, PERIOD. distributed enough period product to cover over 1 million menstrual cycles.

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Community Partner Form

If you would like to join our community of Service Partners, make sure to fill this form out. Please email if you have any questions!

If you’re currently unable to serve your community directly, you can purchase menstrual products through our RightGift wishlist page. These products will be sent directly to PERIOD.'s fulfillment centers and shipped across the country to help support the most marginalized communities.


Have questions about how to receive menstrual products? We've got you covered!

Service Partners

Before you host a period product drive, find a local organization to distribute the products to.

You can use the sample email templates for various situations regarding communicating with service partners about coordinating period product donations! Our Toolkit has a step-by-step guide and examples to connect with service partners.

If you need support with connecting with a service partner, email and we can identify one of our hundreds of service partners from around the United States near you that has requested menstrual products from us. It takes a village to address this need!

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