Education about menstrual health is an incredible tool for shifting culture about periods. Given policy follows culture, systemic change happens when we increase awareness education about menstrual health.

** If you are not a medical professional, please do not give medical advice. Please seek a medical professional about any menstrual health concerns.

Let's Talk about Periods and Menstrual Health

Showcase these conversations in your community or PERIOD. Chapter meetings to discuss how menstrual equity affects your community.

Partner Resources

There are hundreds of resources on the Internet that speak to menstrual health education. Below are resources from a few of our partners!

At PERIOD. we recognize not all women menstruate, and that not all menstruators are women. Some content created by our partners may be intended for an international audiences, and may include language referring to women, girls, or people who menstruate.

Recorded Panels

Recorded panels and PERIOD. Spotlights are great to learn more, and to showcase in any of your upcoming gatherings.

Panels with menstrual health advocates spotlight how menstrual equity affects various communities!

PERIOD. Spotlight trailers:

See all PERIOD. videos on our YouTube Channel


PERIOD TALK is an education program that strives to facilitate conversations around periods and empower menstruators and non-menstruators to advocate for period health. By delving into period health, activism, and self-advocacy, this program will guide your first steps in becoming the best menstrual equity activist you can be! It aims to: ENGAGE, EDUCATE, & EMPOWER.

Here you can find the links to Toolkit, Script for the presentation, a draft presentation for the workshop or event and more resources to promote your event!

Educational Materials in Spanish

Check out these incredible materials put together by our PERIOD @ Guatemala chapter! If you have any other materials in another language you would like to share with the rest of the network, send them in to!


In order to get your community involved in period health and education, you can host educational events either in person or virtually:


Education 101

The Rag

The Rag Blog is a publication of PERIOD. that hopes to provide menstruators and non-menstruators with a platform to contribute to the menstrual movement through personal narratives and essays. We believe the most powerful forms of advocacy include stories. If you are itching to share your experience with period poverty, make a call to action, or speak to your experience as a young activist, connect with us about contributing to The Rag.

Additional Resources

For more information about period health, please check out:

If you’re an undergraduate, or graduate student and you have research you would like to share, please email us at and we’ll add it to this list of resources.