As you know, PERIOD’s mission is to end period stigma and poverty! An incredible tool for fighting stigma is education; by spreading good, factual, and healthy information, we can debunk myths, encourage people to speak up about their experience with periods, and help people advocate for their own health! Read more below to find out about how PERIOD National helps YOU educate your community through workshops and other events!

** Please remember that if you are not a medical professional, you should not be giving our medical information or medical advice to anyone! Make sure that they know they should be reaching out to someone if they have any medical concerns.

Education 101


PERIOD TALK is an education program that strives to facilitate conversations around periods and empower menstruators and non-menstruators to advocate for period health. By delving into period health, activism, and self-advocacy, this program will guide your first steps in becoming the best period activists you can be! It aims to: ENGAGE, EDUCATE, & EMPOWER.

Here you can find the links to Playbook, Script for the presentation, and a draft presentation for the workshop or event if you choose to hold one!

Educational Materials in Spanish

Our amazing PERIOD @ Guatemala team has worked really hard to put together these educational materials in Spanish. They’re incredible! If you have any other materials in another language you would like to share with the rest of the network, please email

Educational Videos

Check out some videos about period health and period stigma below!


PERIOD Power Chats

We have more PERIOD Power Chats COMING SOON! So stay tuned!


The Rag

The Rag is back just in time to share all of your post-election thoughts, feelings, and stories. This publication is an extension of PERIOD that hopes to provide menstruators and non-menstruators with a platform to contribute to the menstrual movement through personal narratives and essays. We believe that the most powerful forms of advocacy include stories by those who are most affected and on the front lines of menstrual equity. We also understand that periods lead to larger conversations about the world around us and encourage you to write about that. If you are itching to share your experience with period poverty, make a call to action, or speak to your experience as a young activist, then we are the platform for you!

Additional Resources

For more information about period health, please check out:

If you’re an undergraduate, or graduate student and you have research you would like to share, please email us at and we’ll add it to this list of resources.