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If you are interested in helping PERIOD fundraise, make sure to read below about our 2 yearly events. These events help us support our chapters and other menstrual equity activists through staff time, development of programming, warehouse space, period products shipments, etc.

  • State of the PERIOD, our Annual Fundraising Gala (this year it was virtual!) You can learn more about State of the PERIOD by heading over to our Campaigns & Events page on our website:

  • Year End giving through GiveGuide is our year end fundraising effort! You can check it out through this link. Stay tuned for more detailed information on social media, and our newsletters, where we’ll give out assets and resources that you can share with your own communities.

Throughout the year we also have additional campaigns that pop up depending on our needs and programs! Like for example Period Action Day, our fundraising campaign for shipping costs during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, and our Periods for PERIOD campaign, which we will be launching in February 2021. You will be able to set and cap a donation amount for every “.” you type and donate it to PERIOD each month. Stay tuned for more information!

Microgrant Program

We recently launched a pilot Microgrant Program to provide youth activists with an opportunity to request funding for their grassroots efforts in the menstrual equity and period poverty space.

The applications for this program are reviewed by PERIOD’s Youth Advisory Council, and the funds are distributed every month after the committee meets. This program will be re-evaluated and potentially grown into a larger program in 2021.


* You do NOT need to be a PERIOD chapter to apply for funding!

*Unfortunately, during this time, we are unable to provide grants to international organizations and chapters. We are currently working hard to expand this program internationally and will keep you all posted on any further updates.

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